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gourmet sauces, condiments, gift baskets and recipesWe've always enjoyed the wide variety of interesting, savory and great tasting ethnic foods that have been produced from recipes of relatives and close family friends passed down for generations. After many years of making these recipes at home, we decided to start our own business producing and selling a line of gourmet sauces and condiments.

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Reviews and Awards
Caribbean Marinade (Hot/Mild)

"Seriously...the best jerk sauce
we've tasted...Hands down!"

Andy Campbell, Huffington Post (2013)

Best wing sauce in the hudson valley 2013I love it Spicy Lenny Award

  • Spicy Addict - "We actually tried both the Mild and the Hot version of this marinade/sauce. Both have terrific flavor. We were very impressed."
  • Peppers and More - "The flavor was subtle and complex. The sugars caramelized on our chicken to form a beautiful crust. The spices and peppers added a subtle flavor profile that was very pleasing...This was Jamaican Jerk style chicken that everybody loved."
  • Tasting the Heat - "The many different ingredients makes a unique Island taste that would make any BBQ zing. The recipe on the bottle for Antiguan jerk chicken wings are a must try. They were out of this world and had some good heat without over shadowing the great jerk flavor. TASTE 9 out of 10."
  • Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews - "Baron's International Kitchen's "Caribbean Marinade" Hot Jerk Sauce is an all-natural, chunky, and spicy jerk sauce that was just awesome as a marinade and grilling sauce..."
Hot Sauce

4 out of 4 stars!
"This is awesome...I love this sauce!"

- ILoveItSpicy.com

  • Heatonist- "Baron's Caribbean Hot Sauce is a fresh blast of flavor! The distinct flavors of fresh cucumber and onion are a welcome opening taste...made with top quality, fresh ingredients, this hot sauce is great on everything from chicken & pork to a refreshing salad. Also a great addition to dips!"
  • Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews - "Really authentic tasting Caribbean hot sauce...this stuff is GOOD guys! What really sets this one apart is the cucumbers, graglic and onions. FLAVOR: 9 out of 10."
  • Tasting the Heat - "This sauce would be great with pork, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes. If you want a different type of flavor this is the sauce for you. TASTE: 8 out of 10."
Portuguese Repolho Relish

"This relish is “Rockin”.
I love it straight out of the jar. Wow!"

- Peppers and More

  • Peppers and More - "Baron’s International Kitchen has created a wonderful relish that is sweet and savory...that taste great straight out of the jar. This relish works with sausage and hot dogs complimenting and elevating ones eating pleasure. This jar will not last long!"
  • Two Frys - "It was so good I ate more relish on the side, and plan to eat the rest on burgers. I highly recommend this Portuguese Repolho Relish, and it is the perfect topping for poultry and meat dishes. This relish would also compliment veggie or salmon burgers. Try it!"
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