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Gourmet Caribbean Marinade Hot Jerk Sauce
Caribbean Marinade
14 oz.
Sale Price: $8.99

Buy Gourmet Caribbean Marinade hot jerk sauce

This award-winning sauce, inspired by an authentic family recipe from the island of Antigua, draws upon traditional Carib Indian “Jerk” seasonings to infuse any meal with mouth-watering Caribbean flavors. Made with all natural ingredients this versatile sauce goes great with pork, chicken, beef and seafood. Learn more...

"Seriously...the best jerk sauce we've tasted. Hands down!"

- Andy Campbell, Huffington Post (2013)

Gourment Caribbean Marinade Jerk Sauce Mild
Caribbean Marinade
14 oz.
Sale Price: $8.99

Buy gourmet Caribbean Marinade mild jerk sauce

Our mild version is the same authentic marinade but with significantly less heat. Ideal for those who like Caribbean dishes but want to avoid the heat. Great for pork, chicken and seafood/fish. Learn more...

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Gourmet Caribbean Hot Sauce
Caribbean Hot
, 5 oz.
Sale Price: $6.99

buy gourmet caribbean hot sauce online

This authentic habañero-based hot sauce was inspired by a family recipe from the Caribbean island of Antigua and strikes the perfect harmony between heat and flavor. Made with all natural ingredients, this distinctive sauce is great on its own or mixed with other condiments. Learn more...

"I love this sauce...
4 out of 4 Stars!

- Wayne Brawley,
Iloveitspicy.com Reviewer

Portuguese Repolho Relish gourmet
Portuguese Repolho
, 9.5 oz.
Sale Price: $7.99

Inspired by a family recipe from Madeira, Portugal, our gourmet relish is a fantastic blend of Western European and Moroccan flavors - making an out-of-this-world topping for hot dogs and burgers! Learn more...

"This relish is “Rockin”.
I love it straight out of the jar. Wow!"

- Peppers and More

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